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Four Steps Pro client Kevin Wallenbeck goes from “I’m Done” to “Let’s Do This!!”

Other heroic small business owners give insight into how the Business On Purpose coaching platform is helping them to bring FREEDOM to their small business!

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Greg Clark   

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“Scott is the Wizard Of Oz of Small Business…he takes you behind the curtain” – John Strauss

Maria Walls Beaufort Co. Treasurer

“Some managers know where they want to take their organization, some know a change is needed but are not sure what that looks like. Regardless of what category you are in, Scott will help you define what your goals look like and then walk through with you how you are going to get there. What has surprised me about the process is how fun hard work can be.”

Gerrick Taylor Taylors Quality Landscape Supply

“You made me look like a Rockstar employer today when we built and sent a new 3 week training plan to a new hire…I’ve never done that!”

Ryan & Leah McCarthy, Downtown Catering

“We used to work IN our business, but yesterday our business catered a party for 700 people with Leah in NYC and me home with our children. Thank’s coach!!!”

“Who says you can’t work on your unique core values during a hurricane with no power or wifi and water about to come into the house. No excuses to not get your homework done EVER.”

“Scott, I can’t begin to tell you how your coaching is rocking Interview Valet. I keep adding processes as I do them. Our team is doing the same. Documenting everything seems like a HUGE task that will take months but after that we get the peace of knowing the machine is built and all we have to do is run it, tune it, and maintain it (training). I love how everything is on one sheet of paper (bookmarked on my toolbar). The second half of my 2017 will be drastically different because of this work! Thank you my friend. ” – Tom

I appreciate all your hard work over the last two days! I hate being in the weeds like that but man you make it fun and I am so excited about the future at Superior and glad to have you to help add fuel to the rocket. You are changing lives, my friend. Be safe on your travels back home and have a great weekend with your family!